Mark Richmond

About This Designer

Founded by Mark Richmond, Divi designer with 20 plus years of web design experience. Mark has created a top Divi agency with a team of talented Divi professionals who become your personal Divi designer from start to finish, or anywhere in-between. We work with you to create a site that not only looks amazing, but is structured to get you the results you want.


We concentrate on agency fullfillment as well as single small to medium sized businesses. Agencies hire us to be their designers whenever they get Divi related projects. We have clients all over the world, businesses large and small that when they need help with their Divi sites, we help start to finish. Able to complete their existing designs or start from scratch.

Design Style

Knowledgeable, Professional, Worldwide


Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, we have clients all over the world.

“We needed to complete our existing site following our style guide we provided, we received exactly what we wanted and launched on time.”

Cosmotech – Lyon, France

“We started our Divi site, but came to a stopping point, we needed a Divi designer to finish our site professionally, Divi Dojo did just that.”

Canyon Adventures – Phoenix, AZ

“Our site needed to be converted to Divi from another platform that we couldn’t easily edit ourselves, Divi Dojo created a beautiful site that now we can edit ourselves.”

Adventist Colleges – Baltimore, MD

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